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Ruby In the Dust

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Amanda Holly is an antique dealer in mid 20th Century Furniture. She lives in North London/ Hertfordshire borders and travels the UK and european markets and fairs uncovering lost gems.


"I so enjoy the find at a market. Its often dark in the early morning markets, and you have to be quick to spot, haggle and buy. You really never know what you are going to come across. Its an exciting and interesting job."

Amanda's inspiration stems from the avant garde period of the 20th Century; The glamour of Art Deco Hollywood through to the no holds barred explosion of pop art 1960s and 70s futuristic imagination. 

"I love the glamour of early Hollywood and equally the wild flamboyant 60s and 70s where anything goes! I would have loved to have strolled along 60s Kings Road, shop at Biba and dance in New York at Studio 54."



​"The designs from Art Deco into mid 20th Century, have such a broad appeal across all ages and walks of life. With the world of interiors becoming much more intwined with fashion, film and even the music industries, i have clients from all of these fields too."


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